Wizardly Wirksworth

Thank you to all the wizards and witches, young and old, who flocked to Wirksworth on Saturday. We were completely amazed by the response and the good nature of so many people despite the crowds and queues.
You can find the results of the House Cup.
We saw fantastic costumes, smiling faces and lots of children having fun. The children were definitely in charge at the Owls Quiz and the Hunt, where they knew more of the answers than the adults.
The town thoroughly enjoyed hosting everyone who came. A lot of people volunteered their free time to make the day happen- it was totally a community event rather than a corporate one. We hope those of you on your first visit to Wirksworth enjoyed discovering this quirky little town. It is quite magical on a muggling sort of day too.
We’re reflecting on and discussing the day and whether we should do it again next year. We know if we do that we need bigger venues, more activities and – somehow – more parking for muggle cars. We’ll also chat to the bus companies and the railway to see if they will run more services. We’re only a small town and parking is limited within our boundaries. I think we organised more park and ride spaces for Wizarding Day than for previous events held in town.
We’d love to know how you got to Wirksworth and where you came from. And, if you got the bus, where did you get on. It will all help plan for the future.
But, most of all, thank you from Wirksworth for bringing the magic with you.


The Wirksworth Wizarding Day is a fan-created non-profit event put on by our community for the community of Harry Potter fans. Warner Bros. Entertainment and JK Rowling are not associated with or responsible for the day in any way.